What is the average cost to have a baby

I love this question! It definitely is NOT asked enough! There are many factors that can contribute to this. Charlie is *not by choice* a formula fed baby. After the initial purchases that you'll make, like:

The crib (a gift from grandpa, around $200)
The carseat (we paid $300 for our convertible seat and $100 for infant seat)
Odds and ends like bottles, nipples, clothes, blankets, soaps/lotions.
and things you may or may not need like a car seat cover, nursing cover, breast pump (a few hundred depending on what you're buying)

then of course the revolving expenses that don't end.. like

Diapers (we buy generic, at a current size 2 we're at $20/week)
Formula (the only kind he can use, $35/week)

oh, and who can forget the actual cost of birth? I was in the hospital for 5 days, c-section (of course this will be the cost that varies the most for mamas). That was $25,000.

Then there's the 2 week checkup, the 2 month, 4 month, 6 month, one year etc etc etc. And that's if you have a super healthy baby that doesn't require any additional care.

I'm sure I'm forgetting things. Any mama's want to weight in? Not trying to scare new mothers but finances seem to be what people put very last but it is a very real issue that all families should be considering when baby talk starts moving into the conversation.

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    There are so many factors! This is a great start though. I know baby center has a calculator you can fill out that estimates your costs and give you some Averages if you don't know (like how much will formula cost, etc.) Here's the link.


    They don't include hospital costs though, since that depends on your insurance. Mine came to about $4,000 for the first year of life? Breastfeeding saved me like $1200 according the calculator!
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      We had very good insurance for our first five children and barely paid anything but some co-pays and a deductible. With our last three each home birth was $1500. The diapers, clothes, etc. can add up but thankfully we had hand-me-downs. I breastfed which saved us money....I try not to think about the because if I had waited until we could afford a child, we probably wouldn't have had any!
        My dad always told me there will not be a time when you feel like you have enough money to have kids. You just have to be ready and adjust as needed along the way.

        Other expenses include clothes for mom and prenatal care. Then once your baby starts eating foods you have those expenses. It is all worth it!
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