Extreme potty training: boot camp style

I'm not a fan of extreme anything when it comes to parenting. All kids are different and learn in different ways. Going at it too hard could cause more problems.

If they mean boot camp style as in, you potty train for 3 days straight without a break, I'm okay with that. It's really more boot camp for parents more then the kid because you have to block out all other distractions/activities and focus on your baby. Constant repetition can really help the potty training click in the mind of a toddler. If you work outside the home or have other children it can be hard to consistently potty train all day normally, so taking a weekend to really focus could make a big difference.

However, I caution against forcing potty training. Offer and encourage, but don't force.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Sound advice. Every family will be different in how they approach potty training.
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