Frustrated with my student's Parent

For those who don't know I teach Tae Kwon Do. We had our quarterly promotional testing for students to go for their next belt last Saturday. Two of my students, a brother and sister, were both going for their black belt. Part of their testing included breaking boards. Neither one of them broke so our grand master didn't pass them. They'll would of had to try again in September.

As a courtesy our grand master sent an email to the kid's dad (who is also a black belt in our school) to let him know. That way they wouldn't be completely blindsided when results were handed out. The dad was upset and said that both kids worked really hard. They participated in a lot of tournaments and their whole family is very active in our school. Our grand master went back and forth with him a few times saying that participation isn't the only factor in earning a black belt. You need to have the skill to successfully complete several different tests. If you can't do that you need to practice longer. The boy's scores were good enough in other areas that his overall average was enough to let him pass, but the girl's weren't. Our Grand master offered to let the boy pass, but the dad didn't want the kid's separated. He fought and threatened to pull his whole family from the program even though his older son is testing for a high ranking black belt in a few months. We didn't want the older boy to lose out after all his hard work so our Grand master just give in.

I'm just really disappointed in the dad. He's a good guy who I though understood the principles behind Tae Kwon Do. It's not about what you receive but how you earn it. If they aren't ready, they aren't ready. They can try again later.

I can't do anything about it, but it still makes me mad. What do you think about this kind of situation. Would you do what this dad did?

    8Theresa Gould
    N. I wouldn't have done this. I would have been ok with it and encouraged my children to work hard to improve their skills so they could pass next time. I think it builds good character, but I'm weird like that. I think had the dad not interfered his kids would have worked doubly hard to pass the next time, with his encouragement of course.
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