Guns Kill Children

To start I'd like to say that I don't really know where I fall on the whole gun banning issue. Personally, I feel like there has to be a compromise somewhere that allows people to be safe AND gun owners to protect themselves. Either way, I don't think the NRA has any right to advertise guns to children.

The NRA recently held a "youth day" in indianapolis targeted at 5-12 year olds. I'm sure a lot of it was focused on gun safety and "kid safe" toy guns. But even toy guns can kill. The article cites a story where a 5 year old killed his 2 year old sister while playing with a supposedly unloaded Crickett rifle. The article also talks about measure like smart guns that can only be used by the licensed owner because it recognizes their fingerprints. The NRA opposes the technology but It seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Again, I don't know how I feel about the gun issue in general. But I do know that they should be kept away from kids. Kids PLAY and guns should not be PLAYED with no matter how old you are. If you want a gun to hunt or protect your family, fine. But it is not a toy. Marketing to kids makes it seem like they are. Even BB guns, paint ball guns, and air soft guns can do serious damage, but the worst damage is that you're teaching your children that firearms are fun. That is not what they're meant for.…

    Wow...finger-print recognition? That's...that's pretty cool. It would also help keep weapons licensed. I know there's a problem with that for a lot of people, though I don't see why. Though I agree that guns should generally be kept away from children, I'm not against guns in general. My grandpa had them around us as kids, in display cabinets, in the garage...we knew not to touch them, and we were only 7 and 4.
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      We tried keeping the whole gun thing away from our boys and they came up with other ways to play with guns - finger, bananas, sticks, rocks. It is in them to play, to act out being a soldier. So we tell them that unless they are defending their family, home or country a gun should not be aimed at a person. And go on about gun safety etc. It is our constitutional right to bear arms and that's what I go by.
        Not too interested in getting into a gun debate but I think we can agree that all responsibility falls on parents. Guns are not toys. We do have guns in our home, locked in a giant safe in the garage. The combination and keys will never be accessible to Charlie, no matter what age he is. Before Charlie is ever allowed to go near a gun he (along with his father and I) will take gun safety classes. His father doesn't need them, but he'll take them to show Charlie the importance of learning about them.

        It's like everything else in life. As parent's it's our responsibility to show our children the dangers that are present in this world. People, animals, cars, guns, etc.
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