Dogs and pregnancy: is being around my dogs safe

A month after we found out I was pregnant, we got our dog. It was very important for me to have a dog that understood the rules of our house and had a strong relationship with us before we brought baby home. We got her as a puppy so that she would be well established and could grow with Charlie.

Dogs are perfectly safe to be around and can actually have a therapeutic effect on you. Although having a puppy was tough, she was a constant source of calm and laughter in our life.

I guess I'd say the only "unsafe" thing would be that when your belly starts to grow, your balance suffers a bit. I tripped over Lexi a lot because I just wasn't used to having a dog around.

Lexi was not allowed in the nursery and she was trained to sit outside the door unless invited in. That was a huge help for me when I brought Charlie home and wanted to just lay on the floor with him. Since she wasn't in the room I didn't have to worry about him accidentally being stepped on. As much as I trust my dog, Charlie is never left alone with her. If I need to leave the room, he is put in his jumper or playpen.

My dog is part of my family and yours should be too if you decide to get one, but remember that dogs are still animals.

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