Article: 3 Simple Ways to Slow Down Time with a Growing Family

My husband says that children are the visible proof that you are aging. I feel like looking at my daughter is like travelling in time--I can see her now, and in my mind's eye, I can also see her as a newborn and as a baby, and today she's a toddler, all at the same time. My husband says, "She's almost two, but I don't feel two years older!"

I suppose I don't either, but there it is--time is passing.

This article suggests exactly what I expected, but that doesn't mean it is wrong. If you don't slow it all down on purpose, it will slip by and you won't even know it.

How do you slow down and enjoy time with your family?

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    That's something we do too, stay together a lot, family grocery trips, things like that. I think back to when I was young and my parents couldn't do things like that, and I consider us so lucky that we can.
      yes, I agree! Taking pictures are important. We've been bad at forgetting to do that lately and with that alone I feel like time just slips right by me. You may think we are crazy, but we have showered together since the beginning and continued on when baby came along. We make up silly songs in the shower and lil man loves it. Doing so also unintentionally taught him to how to hold his breath and not be afraid of water. We also go grocery shopping together. It feels so different the times we don't . When Mark doesn't work too late and weather permits we sometimes go for a stroll or a bike ride together. I'm looking forward to when Caz will actually sit through a movie so we can start a weekly family movie night.
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