When can you sit a baby in a high chair?

Depending on the high chair and the baby, possibly as early as four or five months. Lots of high chairs now come with what my father-in-law called astronaut straps--straps around the waist and over each arm to keep babies who cannot sit on their own safely seated.

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    You want your baby to be safe. This means looking closely at the things you buy for your baby. One thing your baby will need is a high chair. Your baby can start to use a high chair when he is able to sit up and is ready for solid food. Here are some tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on choosing a high chair and using it safely.

    Choosing a high chair:
    High chairs should have a waist strap and another strap that goes between the legs.
    The straps should not be attached to the tray.
    The tray must lock securely.
    A buckle-on waist strap should be easy to use.
    High chairs should have legs spread far enough apart at the bottom so that they do not tip over easily.

    Look for a locking device on folding high chairs. The lock keeps the chair from collapsing.
    Using a high chair:
    Always buckle your baby in. The straps keep your baby from falling or sliding under the tray, where he could be hurt.
    Never leave your baby alone when he is in the high chair.
    Lock the tray securely in place.
    Be sure that your baby's hands are out of the way when you lock the tray.
    Be sure there are no sharp edges that could cut your baby.
    You may give your baby something to play with on the high chair's tray.


    Now my personal Advice If it can recline back and strap the baby in confy.. She or He can sit in while you are Cleaning the house, cooking in the kitchen or even eating dinner.
      8Theresa Gould
      I was going to say when they are sitting up well but the new ones have straps and padding that they could probably sit in there sooner.
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