Preschool children at church: Sunday school curriculum

When I taught Sunday school, the church provided the curriculum. At the church I attended in Nova Scotia, I believe they used Baptist Press materials. At the next church, I cannot remember if I provided it or if they did.

I loved the felt materials for telling Bible stories when I was a child because the visual helped me remember the story. They are more pricey but I think worth it if it is going to be used over and over again.

We have coloring books for the Lord's Prayer, the Armor of God and one other one too, which are good teaching tools.

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8Theresa Gould
My mom brought me my bible story books that my grandparents bought for me as a young child and our children love those. I always loved the illustrations in that set because they were beautiful and life-like.
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    8Theresa Gould
    Oh wow, that must have been interesting. I think with our first church as a married couple I had to make up the lessons. It takes a lot of work.
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