Should you nurse your baby to sleep

I nurse my baby until she falls asleep, after she doses off I put her against my chest, head by my shoulder, this helps to get any gas bubble out. Then I lay her down in bassinet or crib. Breast feeding soothes and relaxes her. She sleeps longer too. She takes an hour nap 3 times a day and sleeps almost throughout the night. Usually a wet diaper wakes her up and I breast feed her back to sleep.
I get so frustrated when people tell other mamas that nursing your baby to sleep is a bad habit & they should stop. Enjoy your peaceful Bonding moment. It's your baby your choice do what works best for you and your baby though.

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During the winter it got real cold so I let her sleep in my arms a few times or in the bassinet next to the bed.
    I see no problem with that. If the baby is willing to nurse. I used to do it all the time. It's hard getting them to sleep on there own at that age
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