That Wired moment your friends dates your brother in law. Am all good with you wanting to be like me when you grow up but don't marry into my family

I have a friend of mine who used to frequent my work place. At the time I was working in my husbands company but when I gave birth I took leave only my husband to give my job to his brother. He never told me, I one day found him at my desk sitting very confertably when I went home I told my husband I had seen his brother at the store that day and he didn't think tell me he worked there. He later on told me it was temporary but he ended up taking my job up to date. So I ended up working in another area. But this particular friend of mine used to come to my work place and my brother in law was asking her out. He was a separated father of 3 and my friend had just got out of collage. I told her everything, asked her not to invest herself emotionally and that it was wrong to just take over someone's family incase the mother of the kids just needed a little time. He had told her he owns half of the company when I knew for a fact he didn't. So I told my friend that was another lie. As I speak they are in a serious. Relationship and she doesn't speak to me. I hate that I can't be happy for them. She now hates me and tells my husband it's because I disrespect her boyfriend. I just want her to go away I am stuck with my brother inlaw I have accepted that but she can't be doing this to me. FYI I think I should change my name. I used my real name on this. I don't think I was supposed too.

    my heart to heart is what got us into this place. Once she felt at home she decided to tell him I don't like the both of them together. I am the bad one in this weird situation but I am a private person dispute the fact I have many friends. He is pretty much in my life which gives her information to later on discuss at tea parties. Am I selfish for not wanting them to get married because other than her being a step mother to 3 kids and me being labeled as the one who introduced the woman who took over his kids I want my life to be mine.
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