What if THIS isn't the key to good parenting?

Oooo this is a good one Mamas!

This Dad of 16 years and 5 kiddos finally confesses to what many of us perhaps are feeling... it's hard to be consistent in parenting.. and what if, what if in all the world.. it isn't really the golden ticket to good parenting? He chats about it's basically a way to easily set yourself up for failure, for feeling like a bad parent, every time you skip a corner, don't make them eat their veggies, let them stay up later, etc.. he agrees that routine and structure is ideal.. but that maybe in the grand scheme of things, consistency doesn't make or break the camel's back... going with the flow and taking things as they come might be teaching the kiddos way more than we have ever hoped.. maybe. After all, life isn't consistent at all, is it? Maybe that's the secret.. to just live, love and parent!

Let me know what you think Mamas!


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