i just need to brag about my son XD

so Wednesday Kado and i went to the public pool. it was AMAZING!! he swam from the side to me and me to the side. not very far but still. then! in the shallow pool he'd walk until he knew he couldnt touch and attempt to swim. but his main problem was he was panicking and not a great kicker or a kicker at all lol!!
week before that he barely let go of the wall. ( wearing kife vest at all times!!)
but today!!!!!! he let go of the wall and swam around the whole pool!!! only grabbing me or the side if he felt panicked which was rare!! swam in circles and chased his ball. he was sooo proud of himself. he even swam across! the pool!! when i thought he needed my help id put my hand to him so he could grab it but he'd push it away and keep on swimming!!

sooooo freaking proud of my little swimmer!!!!!

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