Developmental signs that your children are gifted

Developmental signs that your children are gifted... Let's see. Cynicism well beyond their years. Deep curiosity and fascination. A boodle of questions about everything. A not-infrequent look of “you must be kidding me.” Enjoying bouts of solitary time. Taking apart household items. A refusal to take “just because” as a legitimate or worthwhile answer.

I'm not a doctor (obviously, lol) and none of these are clinical signs, but I think they're pretty reliable, at least that last one about “just because.” But seriously, as for more practical and legitimate signs there are some things you can look for while keeping in mind that gifted means different things to different people. There are artistic gifts, intellectual gifts... Everyone is probably gifted in their own way if they'll take the time to perfect their crafts and interests.

Well-developed language skills that may be more mature than their peers. Whether reading, writing, or speech, a firmer grasp of the language can be an indicator of being gifted. The same goes for math skills or art skills too.

Thinking and talking quickly.

Relating to older people rather than their peers either to be challenged or to be able to socialize with someone on their 'level'

Concentration skills as it pertains to a topic they enjoy. Re: special interests as I spoke of in my last post.

According to what I just looked up, apparently enjoying alone time and self-directed study can actually be traits of a gifted child.

Everybody is different, of course, and you know your child best. Time will tell what their gifts will be and the best you can do is nurture their interests and keep learning fun, while letting them have the opportunity to try new things as well. Most children and definitely gifted children crave a good challenge and a chance to push their boundaries.

What signs have you noticed that may indicate children are gifted?

What do you consider “gifted?” Does it have to be intellectual or can you be emotionally or artistically gifted also?

How do you keep gifted children challenged?

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    Keeping gifted children challenged I think is the greatest obstacle. They get bored really easily , and also distracted really easily. Gifted children almost always tend to do things ahead of others as far as developmental things. Learning to count or saying the alphabet ahead of their peers, potty training and denying their bottle much sooner than others their age. all these are really early indicators.
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