What are your Husbands like?

I don't know if I am imagining this or not! Don't get me wrong I truly love my husband and am very greatful for the provider he is and that he'd never be abusive. As most of you know we have four children! My question is, just because I am a stay at home Mom and my husband works does that mean he doesn't have to help with the kids or the house? I mean he was great with our first two being that they are twins but, the next one and now our daughter I can count the number of diapers he has changed on one hand and feedings on two hands. I do the grocery shopping on the weekend and can't take to long or he's fuming because he's not getting to spend every minute on his computer or gaming on his phone. I mean I only go shopping once a month for most and if we need milk I take the baby and the four year old along. Our house is so huge that I sleep in with our daughter because her room is so close to the entrance and the master is so far away from her. When I talk to him about the baby he tells me he's to old for this (44)! I am so exhausted I can't think!

4Ronna JonesFort Worth, Texas
    Just because he's the 'bread winner' doesn't mean he can be slaking on helping with the house and kids..they are HIS kids too and I'm sorry but just because he works is the dumbest reason for him not to help out at all. He needs to step up, I understand being tired and everything and having a lone time but just as much as he deserves time to relax from working you also need a break time too. You may not be earning money but you are working. All day you are a cook a nanny a referee a counselor a maid and a driver. You do a lot and he needs to help. I'm a single mom and I work and take care of my son so he has no excuses and needs to help out.
      Wow. Spitting image of my husband! lol Although he has gotten better the first month and a half was really hard on me. FTM and baby Isabella wanted to eat every hour. I was going crazy! I just had a few breakdowns and he finally started helping. He would always say that I never asked him to do anything, but then when I did ask he would do it wrong (like put a size 3 diaper on a 1 month old just because it was in the drawer with the Newborn diapers).... Or change her diaper but her clothes were all wet so I had to change her anyway. lol
      But he used to say that all the time too, He's too old for this. (41) But I do everything, and really I always have. I just add in the baby now, and now I am starting to go back to work on top of that.
      I know it can be frustrating. But I just try to keep on top of the laundry and the slow cooker is my best friend! :) All I have to do is make the sides for the main dish :) You have it harder then I do though, because I only have Isabella who is 2 months, and my stepson Chris, who is 16 (And he is at his moms house three days a week). My other stepkids (21, and 18) have moved out. Its always been a struggle to get the kids to help out with anything without a fight. Since I am a stepmom I didn't have them when they were super little so I didn't get to start them helping. I got Chris when he was seven.
      Anyway, I feel for what you are going through, and hope the best for you. Maybe you should ask him for specifically what you need help with. Men are clueless. :)
        4Ronna Jones
        I guess his ears were burning because, he fed the baby and I gave her a bath and after a while he changed her stinky diaper.
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