Fake Finger Nail Frenzy!

at Dollar tree you can find some great fake finger nails and not even in the cosmetics section! In the kids toys section that is right in the picture below (you can in large it to see it better) you can get a 60 pack of nails for kids that fit adults so 6 different styles of nails in really cool colors and styles there are gold ones, blue ones with hearts, pink nails with stars, red ones with orange triangles, orange ones with zig zags, and metallic pink ones and sense they are for kids you would think they have sticky tabs on the back but nope the sticky tabs come separate so you can throw those away and use nail glue and the dollar tree has the best nail glue if you go in the cosmetics section you can find it and it stays on for weeks (see in in the second picture below inlarge to see better) get them at your Dollar Tree today!

Fake Finger Nail Frenzy!Fake Finger Nail Frenzy!
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