What is one topic you refuse to debate about?

Some people love a good debate, others prefer not to debate at all. Lots of us are somewhere in between.

Is there a topic you just will not debate about? That it either gets you too upset, or you just are so set in your mindset that it's pointless to discuss?

I won't debate circumcision. The main reason is because people on both sides get VERY heated and it gets blown out of proportion. Another reason is I don't want to discuss my sons penis online, to me that is an invasion of his privacy.

I will debate pretty much anything else though, and I LOVE a good debate! it gets my blood going and exercises my brain which is fun.

    I can't think of one, because I find that if things make me uncomfortable, or if I think my opinion will be inflammatory and I'm not willing to fight it out, I'll keep it to myself. I'm rather non-confrontational, so it's easier to list the things I WILL go to bat for than the things I refuse to.
      I won't debate anything. Everybody has an opinion, and I'm not going to change it, so debating is a waste of my time.
        Politics or religion. I don't like controversy or debating.
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