Nature vs Nurture, which is strongest?

Nature: the personality and characteristics that are innate to who you are.

Nurture: the way that care givers interact with you both positive and negative.

When it comes to who a person becomes at any stage in life, which do you think plays a bigger role?

    You're not looking for one-line answers today, are you? lol

    I think I'm quite different than I was nurtured to be, so I wonder if my nature wasn't the strongest force there. I need more time to think it out!
    Haha, no one line answers! ;)

    I have a hard time with this one. I feel like my nature is so ingrained that I would have been the person I am regardless of anything else. I just might have been more or less of it, if that makes sense. For example, being able to tell a good story and keep a good conversation going was a big thing in my family. Now, I'm naturally outgoing but because of the way I was raised I am very comfortable in conversations, I think. But had I been raised to be quieter and more reserved I don't think it would have changed "me".
      I've always heard that it's a little of both, but I lean towards nurture. I say this because I see how differently people of different cultures behave. We lived in Costa Rica for a year and a half. Drinking alcohol was fine, even for minors, but people NEVER got publicly intoxicated because it was socially unacceptable. Believe it or not, so was murder. Once I was telling somebody from CR a story about a murder here in the States. He (an adult) was completely dumbfounded. He couldn't understand why somebody would kill somebody else.
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