Unexpected Guests at the Door

How do you deal with it when someone unexpected comes to your door? When you peek through the door's little peep hole thingy (if you don't have a window there to see through), if it's someone you don't recognize, do you answer it?

I always feel compelled to. My Granny instilled in me a vast need for social politeness (at least face-to-face), and so I've always said my "Please" and "Thank You"s, answered the door, and, until recently when I decided I hated talking on the phone, phone calls. You hold the door for someone behind you or elderly or pregnant or burdened with something heavy/cumbersome. You apologize when you've done something wrong or accidentally bumped into somebody, etc.

I hate answering the door to strangers. Especially unexpected strangers. We have several churches around here, and I am not particularly religious and have never willingly gone to Mass, except those two years in Choir. I forget that we have churches right near here all of the time. Today, I've been playing with Nina, have gone on a long bike ride, done push ups, cleaned the entire apartment, and then showered with Nina. Not ten minutes after said shower, we're just chillin on the couch, I've brushed my hair and now it's the game of pretending to brush Nina's curls, which she finds very funny. Someone knocks on the door. Am I dressed for guests? No. I've thrown on some comfy soft over-sized shirt of my husband's, my new awesome sweat pants, and Nina's just in a too-big tank top from my toddler days that comes down to her knees and a diaper. Our hair is still wet. I don't recognize who it is on the other side of the door, but he's dressed in a dark blue polo and black slacks. It's hot out. Who would wear that in this heat unless they were at work? Church people, apparently. I opened the door because what if he had been a maintenance guy from the apartment complex? They wear uniforms similar to his clothes. But, no, it was another one of those super polite, easy-to-talk-to, reformed-from-a-bad-guy-because-of-jesus and ex-military church guys with a giant handful of little flyers to go see their church. At this point I regret opening the door, because now I know we're going to end up standing there for 10+ minutes (Why standing there in the doorway in the heat? Because I don't invite strangers into my home unless there's a real reason other than social nicety, especially when it's just me and Nina and he looks like I'd have to get my husband's dad's old sword to take him down and I'm hoping that he'll get too uncomfortable in those clothes and the heat being not invited inside to steer the conversation to an end on his own) talking about random things and how awesome his church is (or Nina, since she has toddled over to get compliments on her cuteness and see who is at the door...this guy apparently had 7 kids and was way too happy to talk about kids) until I manage to steer the conversation into a tapering off leading up to "Good bye!"...

Long story short: sometimes being polite really sucks.

    I don't think we're allowed to put up a sign like that. Jehovah's witnesses used to go by my mom's house all the time in high school, too, though my step dad was usually home, and they always carried their pamphlets out in front of them, an obvious sign. Plus they always came in 2s or 3s, all dressed the same. This guy was alone, I couldn't see the flyers, either. I get what you're saying, though. My husband insists I get some mace or something to keep near the door or my desk since it's right next to the door, since he'll be gone for months lol...I like to joke that he keeps that old sword of his Dad's, if I get scared enough, I can use it >.<
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        I don't answer unless I know them. I never have.
          I usually don't answer the door for people I do not know unless I see a company vehicle like the electric company or something. I hate when pesky neighbors or something show up also. There are some that drive me crazy and I try to avoid answering the door when they knock. Lol.
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