Juveniles tried as adults, is this right?

I have a hard time deciding if juveniles should be tried as adults. The only reason i can think of that they should be is if it is for a heinous crime, like murder. Other than that I have a hard time wrapping my head around it.

This article explains some reasons why kids can be tried as an adult. Do you agree or disagree?


    I can agree for some cases. Like those two little girls who plotted the murder of one girl and stabbed another 19 times. They deserve an adult trial. They planned out a murder and tried to carry it out.

    For rape? Yes. Statutory, maybe not as much. I know there are a lot of cases where two teenagers under 18 are in a real relationship and it's considered rape only because they're not "of age".
    For repeated offenses after a certain number of times? Sure.
      I think that if they commit an adult crime then they should get an adult punishment. That being said I do think that even if they get an adult sentence they should be out into a juvenile facility until they are legally an adult.
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