How did your husband propose?

If you are married, how did your husband propose? Was it a public thing or was it an intimate moment? Did you say yes right away? Did you panic or did you know it was coming?

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      Ours was a private moment. It was like midnight, and we were just hanging out in our PJs. We'd been together for four years and it was one of the weeks where my mom and his mom let me stay at his mom's house for like a week. I'd go home for maybe 2 days and then come back but we hung out all the time in those two days still. We were talking about future hopes and games and just talking, and I don't remember exactly how, but we got to the subject of marriage. We both knew and had more or less assumed that we would get married, but it had never really been talked about. It was just a mutual thing we felt. My husband went into his closet and found like 5 different rings was an old mood ring, one was the One Ring from our Lord of the Rings Monopoly set, and a couple others. He asked if I'd marry him and let me choose my ring lol! I used that old mood ring for my engagement ring the entire time (we didn't really have money at that point, I was a waitress but minimum wage sucks). I didn't mind that it was just a mood ring that didn't work, it was a symbol of "us". Now it's on a necklace he gave me for our first christmas together and I wear my wedding ring on that finger instead.
        There never really was an official proposal. But I'm so not the romantic type. We had talked about getting married so one day we just did. Lol
          My husband has a sense of humor, so we had been together for 1 yr and we were eating taco's and I brought up having kids one day and he said "yes but we have to get married first" I said "well you have to the question" he said "what question" I said " Will you Marry me" He said "Yes" and gave me my ring. I sat there not sure if it was a joke or not until he said " Well are you gonna call ur mom" And I said "OH its for real" lol Not romantic at all
            Ours was simple and private... we were on the front porch talking and he took my hand, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I started crying and said yes about 50 times and then he put my ring on my finger. :) I was much happier with it being a private moment just between us, rather than with a bunch of people around.
            And it was even more special because that's where he first asked me out as well. :)
              He didn't, hah. We decided to get married hundreds of miles apart and via text message. I was like... Yeah, think I'd like to get married. And he was basically like yeah, cool. Me: Good then, let's do this.

              We're a romantic bunch in this house, hahaha.

              He slipped the engagement ring on my finger in my sleep.
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