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So Lithia used to be a great sleeper. Until she started teething and going through separation anxiety, it's almost impossible to get her to sleep. I would like to get her to sleep on her own but I can't! We had a great bedtime routine that worked for months. I don't bathe her every night, but mostly i would feed her, give her a massage with lavender lotion, turn on lullabies, and lay her down while drowsy, and pat her back til she fell asleep. Eventually, that stopped working even though we did this every single night, at the same time. Well, instead of patting her back, I would rock her a little, and that worked for a week. So then I started bouncing her. Well, the first couple days, it was perfect. she would be out so fast and stay asleep all night. Then she started waking up 30mins after she would fall asleep. I would bounce her, and she would be back asleep for the night. Well, about 3 weeks ago, she started taking longer to fall asleep. the only thing relaxing her is bouncing. i would give her tylenol and hylands teething tablets for her pain, and still did the bedtime routine. But no matter how sleepy she is, she won't go to sleep. I even heard if babies are better rested and not overtired, they fall asleep easier. That doesn't apply to my baby. I can't just lay her in the bed and expect her to fall asleep on her own. She is 9 months old, she can crawl, stand and cruise. So as soon as she lays in the bed, she is instantly up again. She wakes up several times now in the night crying. And I don't go to bed right after she does, thats the time my hubby gets off work, so i have time to eat, relax, play video games, or watch movies or whatever. And it is SO frustrating!! Her usual waking time in the morning is 10am, even if she goes to bed at 4am, she STILL wakes up at that time. I am so exhausted all the time, I am always irratable in the day time, just plum wore out. We are always late for any appointments, and i end up not getting many chores done during the day, because i usually end up napping with her cause im too exhausted. And bouncing hurts my back SO bad. But thats all i can to do calm her. I have introduced a lovey, actually, she has a pink bunny that smells like me, and a blanket that smells like her daddy. But that still doesnt comfort her. She has her 9 month checkup on monday, So i will talk to her dr. but i can't handle this. And I never have any sort of help. Hubby works tuesday-saturdays from 2:30pm til midnight. He tries to help get her to sleep at nights. but throughout the day, Its just us so I can't even take a break. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    Well, I have tried to let her cry it out. I hate it. The thing is, is we also live with my hubby's grandma. She is very old, and we take care of her. ( even with her here all the time, too, she doesnt help me at all.) But every damn time i try to let her cry it out, his grandma grabs her and brings her to me. and i have told her several times not to do that, but she doesn't listen. :( And i will def. try cold pacifiers. Im just so baffled. The tylenol and tablets work well to take her pain away, but she doesn't want to sleep. I think maybe it's because she is exciting about learning to walk( thats all she is focused on now) and wants to stay awake to do everything. But she fights sleep so hard, I just am at a loss of what to do :/
      I understand what your going through, my daughter is starting to get her canines in, I use Hyland teething gel which seems to help some. I still breastfeed and I check the diaper and then nurse my daughter back to sleep.
      How long does she nap for and how many naps a day?
      My daughter takes 3 naps for an hour but she's a light sleeper so I have to do quiet chores while she sleeps and loud ones I have her play in the room i'm in. I hope it gets better for you!
        She takes 2 naps a day and the first is usually 2 hours, the 2nd is between 30min to an hour. and i just bought orajel helped alot to get her to take a nap.We saw her pediatrician today. He says he thinks it is because of teething, and he told me to let her cry it out. he said thats the only way to get her to sleep on her own at this point, because i have tried everything else. I dont want to, but I will try again.
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