Started a blog....

Yeah, I decided to 'start a blog. I'm not by any means exciting, but I think my chronicles of being an active mom with Fibromyalgia could be fun, or at the very least a place for me to vent. I don't know how to get followers, do any of you have suggestions?

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      I love your idea, I have Fibro too and did blog about it for awhile. Writing really does help to deal with it, doesn't it?

      You can do Twitter like Sheila said. You can also make a FB for your blog. Feel free to put your blog link in your profile here too! In the about me section you can put it in there.

      Also, if you really want to get traffic make sure your blog has an original name, something people will remember. Use tags with your postings that may come up on Google searches. Find others who write about similar things and ask them to guest post. Follow blog trains, lots of bloggers have those on the sides of their blogs.
        Melissa, great advice. I've named it Kaci's Kaos, since that is usually the sate of being in my house. I will post on my FB for now and see where it goes. I have so many hobbies, that it will be different stuff depending on my mood, and if you have fibro you understand the possibility of mood swings LOL. Of course with PMS that is always a possibility too. :)
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