I was reminded by a friend, the wife of a soon-to-be retired army man and an Iraqi War veteran.. Please be mindful of the fireworks and firecrackers. These will set off their PTSD. Their reactions are heartbreaking.

Thank you to any vets who are on this page, and thank you the wives of those who serve.

I'm sorry. My brother in law had to wear those huge ear plugs (the outer ear ones), tie a pillow on his head and hide in the root cellar for two years so he wouldn't scare the kids. I wish they could help these servicemen.
I'm sorry. Some are ok with it. My brother does fine-as long as he sees it coming. If it goes off and he does not expect it you can see him tense up. My brother in law i to the point where the kids can set off firecrackers, but to watch fireworks they can't be where he can hear them. Ask your guy what's better. :)
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