Do you believe things should always be 50/50 with siblings?

One thing I have learned over the years is that things simply cannot be even between kids at all times. I could drive myself crazy trying to make everything perfectly even as far as time, money and even the last cookie in the package. I won't do that to myself though, it's just silly.

Instead I make sure they both feel loved, safe, nurtured and that they understand that sometimes the other one may get more attention or whatever because at that moment they NEED it.

How do you feel about this topic?

    We always try and teach our kids to share and be considerate of others but that's not possible if they think that everything always has to be fair. When you teach them that sometimes you're up a little and then sometimes someone else is you teach them how to be successful and likable in a very unfair world.
      I treated both the same as far as teaching honesty, compassion, consideration. But I also treat each uniquely depending on their needs. My oldest didn't need PT, OT, etc. so he didn't get it. My youngest does. But the bottom line is that both got what they need. You can't always make things identical but if you make sure you are treating both lovingly and providing what they need, I think you're OK!
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