Did you end up with student loans?

If you went to college did you end up with student loans? Did you pay them off already or are you still paying on them?

I will graduate with some student loan debt. Not a ton but I am lucky, I know. Lots of people I know ended up with thousands,if not tens of thousands in student loan debt.

Crazy right? Education shouldn't be so darn expensive.

    I haven't gone to college, but several of my friends have, One of them went in for computer-related classes and every job he found said he needed more experience or training or classes, so he had to keep on going to college for more and more classes and getting into more and more debt from loans (I think he was at 80k) until he finally said "Screw it" and joined the Navy. Now he has some free years if he needs, tons of experience from his current job, and only has a little left to pay off.

    Another one went for years and has some loans to pay off, but he also can't find a job no matter what he does, so he's debating going military, too, for the job experience and to pay off the rest of his loans because minimum wage just doesn't cut it, even with a room mate.

    A girl I worked with at Steak N Shake was 180, 000 dollars in debt because she wanted to go to the best colleges she could find, and last I heard, she had transferred to an even more expensive school.

    This is why I don't mind it if my kids don't want to go to college, with or without our benefits. All of my friends who are in college/have gone to college can't find jobs no matter what they major/specialize in and they're just left with a ton of debt.
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