What is the Wildest Name You'd Be Willing to Name Your Child?

If you were told you had to pick an unusual name for your next kid, what would it be? No, I don't know why you were told this, but for the sake of randomness, you were.

I met someone this morning named Trust God-Only. I won't say her last name, but I made the effort to try and make real people friends today, and this one lady had named her daughter that (yes, she is one of those uber religious people who believe that prayer fixes everything wrong with the world...which is way different from my own point of view). It took me a few minutes to process that at first. My first rational thought was, "What if she turns out to be an atheist?!" which I did -not- say, but the thought was there. She was a nice lady, and the only thing weird about her really was her daughter's name. Though I guess with some of the things people are naming their kids these days -not just celebrities- maybe that wouldn't be such an outlandish name by the time Trust grew up.

Which got me thinking, what are some names that are...strange...that I would use for a kid?

~Elodin (For a boy...I promised my husband he could name our first son -if we have one- that.)
~Karigan (Girl)
~Kerrigan (Girl)
~Cailet (Girl)
~Collan (Boy or Girl)
~Chay (Boy)
~Maarken (Boy)
~Andry (Boy)
~Hollis (Girl)
~Frost (Boy)
~Cloud (Boy)
~Misty (Girl)
~Emany (Girl)
~Andine (Girl)
~Leitha (Girl)
~Kylar (Boy)

I'm sure there are others, but there those ones are.
What are some not-so-common names you'd be willing to name your kid?

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