I don't know why I am being so emotional about this but my daughter got a sunburn and I just want to cry. It is really taking a lot of self control to not burst out in tears. I don't know why I am being so emotional about this and it is so not like me at all.

I put 50 SPF sunscreen on all of the kids. Two of them have darker skin and do not burn but I want to protect them from the harmful UV rays. My youngest two are very white, especially my baby who has red hair. My red head burned. I don't understand what I did wrong. She was in her stroller under the shade, she wore a big sun hat with UV protecting fabric and she had sunscreen slathered all over her exposed skin. We were only outside for 3 hours max. She was barely in direct sunlight. And she burned on both of her arms!

The burn is mild but I feel so guilty. I feel like I increased her chances of cancer. Ugh! I tried to do everything right. My poor little redhead is just doomed. :(

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