26 weeks pregnant: leg cramps

Many pregnant women suffer from leg cramps particularly at night. You may find that you wake up suddenly, gripped by painful, violent spasms in one of your legs or feet.

Some doctors think that the pressure of the uterus on certain nerves in the pelvis may be the trigger while others suggest they may be due to low calcium or salt levels, or an excess of phosphorus. However, none of these theories has been proven so don't even consider trying to adjust your levels of these minerals with supplements or dietary changes.

When you get a cramp attack, simply flex the leg, calf, or foot in the opposite direction. So if your calf cramps, for example, stretch it out by straightening your leg and flexing your foot towards you as you simultaneously massage the calf area until the pain fades away.

Although leg cramps are uncomfortable, they are nothing to worry about, since they are temporary ailments that will disappear after your baby is born. However, constant leg pain should always be investigated because of an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis in pregnancy.

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