Does your state have 4 seasons?

Montana has some pretty harsh winters that can very easily last from October until May. It's rough. It's not like it's winter every single day during those months, but it's pretty much impossible to plan anything until after May. But, it's also been known on many an occasion to snow on the 4th of July. Needless to say we do not put away our winter clothes here.

Then comes the week.. yes.. week... of Spring. It's beautiful. Things seem to turn green overnight. It's so great, it feels so refreshing! Then Summer comes which is vastly referred to as road construction season. It's terrible. Montana does not have a lot of different interstates to get to certain places so chances are if you're trying to get from here to there, there's one road (or alternatively, a gravel road that will take you 6 hours out of the way and into a lot of people's driveways).

Ahh, Fall is my absolute favorite. Summer doesn't get all that hot here. It feels hot to us because we sit in 30 below weather for 3 months straight. We run our air conditioners at 70 degrees, lol. But Fall.. oh Fall, it gets crisp, and people start up their fireplaces again, and people are kind of grumbly about it but deep down we're all excited for high school (and pro) football to start.

So, that's what it's like here.. We *almost* have 4 seasons. What about where you live?

    We get all 4 seasons here in Oregon. Sometimes we have a few dad each season that are extreme but it only lasts a few days. I love it! When I lived in Southern California for a few years the seasons are the thing I missed the most.
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