One of those moments...

Sometimes moments in life happen that leave you speach less, searching for something to say...I just had one with my husband.

Since Tristen is teething so badly right now I'm trying everything even things he didn't like before. I put a washrag in the freezer to try it again. I just pulled it out and gave it to him. He looked it over, chewed for a second and then just looked at it again. Daddy not to be left out of anything came running into the room asking what I just gave him, I told him and he got down with Tristen and started chewing on the rag then turned, looked at me with this little boy look on his face and said "oh I want one to chew on!" I was like are you serious and he said he was and...he wasn't joking! Lol so now we have washrags in the freezer for Daddy to chew on. Lol

Oh I would never judge...I love to eat teething biscuits. Lol
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