Slightly Creepy...

I know this isn't important or anything, but it's creepy...
My brother's new girlfriend calls him "Daddy" in this baby-ish voice.

Do your SO's or kid's bf/gfs call you/them any strange pet names?

      lol what the heck...HAHAHAHA.. sorry Morgan. I love this post. lol. Yes. It's creepy. Very creepy. I dated a guy once who said he liked being called daddy. I told him I'm not cool with it. Then one night were were doin our thing and he asks who my daddy is.. so.. I just kinda sat up and was like. Well, his name is Giovanni... lol yeah, that didn't end well but it still made me laugh.
      Alissa, you are my favorite lady right now... I have been in the same situatin and said the same thing lmao!
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