Mamas.. I have this funny story to share.. this is this darling old couple that live a few doors away from us.. they don't speak English well, but they go walking EVERY night.. no matter the temp, weather, anything.. EVERY night.. When we moved into our home 4 years ago, I think they moved in about a year later.. anyways.. I am a very friendly person and I love to meet people.. naturally, when I walk, I say hello or wave a bit.. when I saw this cute older couple walking I would smile, wave, say hello.. and nothing.. well, the lady would nod once in awhile, but the older man wouldn't even acknowledge me.. ugh! But it didn't deter me.. I made this internal little goal in my head to keep being nice to them, always, and that someday just someday he would notice me maybe..

Finally.. one evening walking, after smiling, nodding and saying hello over and over and over again.. literally for at least 2 years.. the old man turned and looked at me one evening and nodded his head and smiled.. OH MY LANTA.. I think I heard angels singing! It was the most amazing feeling.. I felt like I connected with him.. and I'm not sure why I was so determined, but it just gave me faith in humanity..

I was reminded of this story because I just took Stella out for a walk a bit ago and they passed by.. I waved, the wife waved and smiled.. then I waved again at him and waved right back :) The wife even waved to Stella..

It moments like these that I realize life is really about connecting!

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