Siblings Sharing Birthdays

Do you share a birthday with any of your siblings? Did you when you were younger? What about your kids?

I was thinking about if I wanted to do anything for my birthday that's coming up, and that reminded me that my brother's birthday is a week after mine...

Did you know, his due date to be born was actually my birthday? I was born on my exact due date. How crazy would it have been if my mom had had us both exactly on our due dates, which were the same day?! Instead, he was a week late, but as kids, since my parents were separated, we always celebrated our birthdays on HIS birthday, to make it easier for my Dad. I. HATED. That. I never had a party on my birthday, I only got one of my presents that might as well not have even been my birthday until it was his day. I thought it was tremendously unfair for years lol!

My husband's birthday is 3 days after mine, but he's technically older than me lol, so for 3 days every year, we're the same age!

    My younger brother's birthday is 3 days before mine and then my cousin is 5 days younger than me. We always had a party for the 3 of us at grandma's with the entire family. I remember some times as a kid I would get upset having to share my birthday with them, though now, we tend to go celebrate together.

    The part that bothered me the most, was when some family members combined Christmas and birthday together (my birthday is the end of January). Now, I make sure that any friends/family members that have a birthday around the Holiday's, I make it a point to get either a card or a little gift just for their birthday and something else for Christmas.
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