Sorry Kiddos!

Mamas.. what do you think of this?

Singer, Sting, worth close to 300 Million.. says he will not be leaving his 6 kiddos a big inheritance.. I found this so interesting! I love his attitude of wanting them to find success on their own.. and even that they rarely ask for help if at all.. that they must have been raised to want to do well on their own dime, not his!

Weigh in Mamas! Would you leave your kiddos a big inheritance if you could? Or would you rather give it to charity and have them work hard?…

    Yikes! That is not an easy question! I really had to think on this one! When I read the title I thought, what a horrible thing to do to his kids. I would give everything I had to our children, period. However, I am not about enabaling our children either, but IS that the case here? Stepping out of the box, I can see why he is doing that though...That said, it wouldn't work in our family. Plus, not like I have to burden them with millions anyway!!!
      I guess for me I think it's wrong. But my grandpa always talked about he had worked all his life to be able to make sure his kids had something when he passed away. It was so important to him and he passed that mind set down to me. Not that it was about the money but he came from nothing and to him it was a part of his legacy to leave them that. I guess I just look at family inheritances differently because of him :-)
        I think he should give his money to his kids. He owes his kids more than some charity. His kids will take care of him if he ever can't.
          I have a lot of respect for people like him. I believe that everyone should earn by their own merits. He said they haven't been given a lot - in the materialistic sense. In my eyes, they have received plenty- a huge lesson in sowing what you reap, self determination, pride, perseverance, tenacity.

          I would leave something to my kids that they could use towards an investment of their choice. It wouldn't be much but enough so they could learn how to invest wisely.
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