Article: Capturing Every Moment!

I know a lot of mama's who have recently gave birth so I thought I might ask, did you take pictures? I came across this article about professional photographers for the big day and I find it so interesting. I am a very private person and allowed no pictures of me at all and none of Lucas for his first 24 hours. (Just one actually, which no one can see apart from me and daddy.) But I know not everyone is like that.

What do you think of having a professional there? Did you take pictures? A few? A lot?…

    I think it's an amazing experience to capture.. I really don't think there is anything gross about capturing a birth.. it's an insanely special moment and you can never ever relive it.. I have a friend who photographs births.. and goodness, the images she captures are AMAZING.. like the look in a new Mom or Dad's eyes when they see their baby for the first time.. like hello tears! She never gets in the way and does as little or much as each couple wants.. that said, Monroe's happened too fast.. but perhaps for #2 I would think about it! We took photos right after.. mostly of Monroe and my Husband.. a few of me.. ha! But it was all such an epic moment we were forgetting to capture some bits!
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