Rolls or Biscuits?

Trevor and I have had this debate many, many times over the years that we've been together. What is this all important, oft brought up disagreement?

Which is better: Dinner Rolls or Biscuits? How much Butter is better?

I insist that biscuits are better. KFC Biscuits...Flaky Layered...Extra-Buttered...Trevor, however, prefers Dinner Rolls, like they serve at restaurants. I think they're too soft, and too sweet, and I don't like the taste of honey that a lot of places bake into the bread. He says biscuits aren't soft enough, or they're too easy to over-butter, or just generally not as good. We also disagree on how much butter to use. He uses maybe one little swipe of butter. I prefer a lot of, a lot.

What do you ladies think?

    Sometimes it's fun to just sit and think about the differences between how my Mom did dinner and how his Mom did, lol...I think the Rolls vs Biscuits is part of that, too. My MIL never makes biscuits, only bread sticks for pasta and dinner rolls. For my mom, buttered bread and biscuits went with almost everything! His family made things like Jambalaya and Lasagna and Stir Fry...things that had a bunch of stuff mixed together, without a real need for Side Dishes. Milk and Water and Juice were their drinks. My family ate frozen foods, fast foods, or a meal with a meat, potatoes or mac n cheese or noodles, and bread of some sort with soda or milk or juice lol
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