Letting Your Child Sleep Naked

I don't see the harm in it, unless it's really really cold in your home. Nina has slept naked a few times, when she had really bad diaper rash, but we had change the sheets during the night because she peed on them. We had the mattress protector, but she won't sleep on just it, she likes to have a soft sheet. Pee pads won't do, either. Other than that one extra bit of laundry and need for a morning bath, though, I don't think there's any problem with it.

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Same. It's hot here in Virginia, with Summer here especially. Nina usually sleeps in a diaper with a blanket to cuddle with, but if she ever gets diaper rash that bad again I'd let her sleep naked, so the rash wasn't trapped in an eventually wet diaper. Trevor and I do, too, though we have a fan going in our room because I insist on sleeping with a heavy comforter lol
    4Maren West
    I have no problem with it either, my 4 children sleep naked and I sleep in the nude too since I was 8 years old.
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