Article: Motherhood at Any Age.

While it's certainly different depending on age, motherhood is still difficult no matter what. I'm a 20's mama, pregnant at 19 and delivered at 20. Its true what she says about suddenly not being able to do what I want whenever I want.

Depending on age, is her snippet for your age group true?

    I am a 20s Momma...I can pretty much agree with her. We went from gaming all of the time, working late shifts for extra cash to spend on food and movies and games, hanging out with our friends whenever we wanted, to sleep deprived for a completely new reason; feeding a baby every two hours, changing dirty and sometimes horrifying diapers. We had to TRULY put someone else's needs before our own, for real, and not just agreeing to play this game instead of that. We lived off of fast food and soda, but we couldn't do that anymore, I was growing a baby inside me that was living off of that unhealthy was tough.
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        I have to agree with her comments for both the 20s and 30s age group. I had my daughter at 21, i was married at the time and also had a young stepdaughter, she was 2 at the time I had my daughter. I didn't really stick to taking my prenatal vitamins, I also had a hard time gaining weight. Im pregnant again at 32 and take my vitamins and have gained a normal amount of weight, though my daughter was born at 33.5 weeks she had no health issues, I've had a harder time physically, in terms of back pain and fatigue as well as just generally being uncomfortable now with my son than with my daughter, though that could also be due to him being bigger than she was lol. I think the biggest noticable difference is the way strangers view it. I look younger than I am, so when I was pregnant with/ and my daughter was little people would look at me out with her and my stepdaughter and just assume that I was another teen mom without the kids' father, and people would give dirty looks or make comments, never imagining that I was 2 yrs married taking of my stepdaughter and daughter. Now that I'm older strangers smile when they see my belly, just assuming most likely that someone my age would be with the baby's father, when in actuality I'm doing this one solo.
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