There is no such thing as a "perfect mom"

We all make mistakes. It doesn't matter if you've somehow trained your entire life to be a mother, you -will- mess up somewhere; but guess what? It will be ok! It doesn't matter if you make tons of money, hire the best tutors, the most amazing nannies, and send your kids to the most expensive, prestigious schools in the world and they were reciting Shakespeare in Gaelic at 3 months old. Somewhere along the line, something will go awry...but here's the big secret: As long as you love your child and do the absolute best that you can for them, you will be an amazing mother. You put their needs above your own, but you don't starve yourself of comfort, either. As long as you are at least -trying- to do what you can for your children and your family, you will be just fine. Don't stress about being perfect. Not even those Pinterest Mom's are anywhere near perfect.

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