My clothing style is rockabilly, sort of. You?

Ecclectic mix, lol! Basically, I like to mix all sorts of different fashions... strange ones, I think.

I wear a lot of comfy clothes- basketball shorts, tshirts, things like that... but that's just because I love to feel relaxed. I don't really consider it my “style” though.

I like sort a rockabilly look with a bit of hippie mixed in. So, vintage, goth, 50's housewife, alternative with tattoos and piercings and unnatural colored hair, etc.... plus some tie dyed skirts wrapped all in one.

Anything with polka dots... Love! Especially black and white polka dots, but I'm a big fan of peach with white dots too, like is in my picture.

Red lipstick. Winged eyeliner. Victory rolls. Smokey eyes.


Cashmere, silk, and lace.

I also really like Victorian goth styles... corsets, lace, and parasols. Things that look scary and dark and feminine simultaneously that I can usually only find from Japan on Ebay, lol! (Or ridiculously priced in boutiques, but I'm too cheap for that usually... I like YARDSALES and sewing machines, haha!)

Also, anything with black and white spirals.

“Dirty” looking colors like faded blues, dusky purple, things like that, I don't really know how to describe them.


My favorite color is warm grey.

That mostly sums it up, though I do have some quirky things thrown in there. Oooh and I love dressy androgyn styles... Like gals in pant suits, bowties, wool, sweater vests... stuff like that, but I don't have much of it in my wardrobe. I'd love to though!

I'm still working on getting it down, to be honest!

How do you describe your clothing style, mamas?

Moms Expertise
    Ummmm hmmm, comfortable boho type? I love the long maxi dresses, and long maxi skirts, with tank tops mostly. I love to wear things that are backless or have interesting back designs. David calls it 'Goodwill chic' because I get most everything at goodwill haha. :) I do love my tight jeans too. Jeans are a must for me. :)
      4Ronna Jones
      I don't really have a style right now! I wear what is comfy and covers me up. I don't plan on buying any more clothes until I get down to the weight I need to be. I have been categorized as obese but, I don't see it. I have a Dr.'s appointment on 7-1-2014 and I know he will tell me I have high cholesterol levels and some plaque build up in my arteries. So,there for need to be on a weight loss program. All things I already know!
        I wear whatever feels comfy and looks cute. And is inexpensive... Lol
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