Scary looking babies, haha!

Scary looking babies, haha... Oh so sweet and innocent... All the adorable cooing. Until you turn the lights out or don't give them what they want!! The juxtaposition of scary on a child is just disturbing to me... it's never the big bad monster in a horror movie. It's the “sweet” little girl.

One story I know of a scary looking baby was my old neighbor's daughter... Don't get me wrong, she was ADORABLE most of the time.. just the cutest little girl. BUT... She would look at you with this icy stare... Just like she's looking through you or getting in your head or hypnotising you.. I donno, but it gave me the heeby jeebies sometimes. I don't mean she did it for a few seconds. Like she would do it for minutes (that seemed like horrifying ages) and just.. not move. She just stared. It's like she wasn't even breathing, just affixed on you. And she had really dark eyes, so she just seemed like a little girl from a horror movie.

Her parents saw the same thing too! It started when she was a baby. She was in her crib, and mommy and daddy went to check on her... There she was, in the dark, standing (I think?) or at least just sitting straight up... in her crib. Doing that stare as they walked in the room... totally silent. Spooked the mom too, hahah!

I had gone to a giveaway on the base when Caleb was in and they had some baby and toddler clothes. I found this all black shirt with a little spider on it and the white words “creepy.” Obviously meant to be a halloween shirt, but I snagged it for her. Her mom loved it, but I forgot to give it to her! Ah well, I'm sure my babies will be lil creepy things too.

(When I was pregnant last it seemed all the creepy horror movies where women get pregnant with horror spawn were coming out. And hubby and I were finishing the first season of American Horror Story.... Needless to say, hubby kept on making comments about it, lol. )

As for other creepy babies, I have some pretty creepy baby pics of myself!! My husband says I look psychotic in my kid pictures... Just skin-crawling, devious smiles or crooked (my teeth are crooked and I can't help that they look jagged and evil at certain angles!!!) grins. And, of course, I'm a ginger so he's always talking about me sucking out people's souls.... That's where I got all my freckles, according to him, haha.

… And some Victorian baby pictures give me chills. Eep! I know you know the ones I'm talking about... black and white faded... .Even before I knew the history of photography in that era, there was just something about them... Almost all of them. Alright, it's late.. Done thinking about that in the dark, lol!!!!

So, what faces does your baby make that are scary?

Do you have any spooky or scary baby stories in general?

Fill me in, mamas! I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway! :P

Moms Expertise
    I don't think Lucas makes a weird/scary face, but he does creepy things lol. Like in the middle of the night he'll be giggling at something that I don't see or hear lol. He randomly stares off into space like he's looking at something. it's just creepy and gives me the heebie jeebies haha.
      One time my daughter came in our room in the middle of the night and we didn't hear her come in. I don't know if she was sleep walking or what but I woke up at some point and she was just standing next to my side of the bed in the dark. Not moving or talking or anything. Just standing there. It scared the hell out of me. Like something out of an exorcism movie. Lol. My kids do make some evil faces and my middle child has this scary evil mad scientist laugh that she does. Its funny but I joke around about how she might be possessed. Lol
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