Types of tea babies can drink

I'm a big ol' tea lover... I could chug it alllll day long. Hot, iced, milk, sugar, agave nectar, honey... just about every flavor out there. I just loooove tea.

Some of my favorites are:

Twinings darjeeling... I've tried some of the spiffier (re: more expensive) brands, and Twinings is still by FAR the best darjeeling I've had.

Tazo Zen- so delicious iced with almond milk... It's lemon, lemongrass, green tea, spearmint, and maybe some vanilla? I don't remember what all is in it, really, but the name really does fit it... Very zen.

Rooibos... love the Numi brand. This one actually comes from a bush and is red. I don't know if it's actually what's used in it, but tastes like Thai tea to me like you'd get in a Thai restaurant or in cans at the grocery store. Earthy, vanilla sort of flavor with no caffeine and amazing health benefits.

I do like a good ol' cup of chai too. Love anything spiced like that.

And during pregnancy I was chugging Twinings Irish Breakfast... good, black, no caffeine... Yum.

To get pregnant- Fertilitea. Would drink it all the time, it's so yummy, if it didn't change my hormones. :D

I'd love to splurge on some of the Teavana teas and other “gourmet” ones like the flowering teas, but haven't brought myself to spend that sort of money yet. One day, haha.

So, when I have a little one, I want to be able to share my love of tea with baby along with all the wonderful health benefits. BUT, of course, most of these teas may not be too kind or even safe for baby. So I thought I'd do a little bit of research into what they actually CAN have.

From what I've read, only offer it after six months, same with water and juice and such, so they aren't filling up on it when they have other much more important calories to fill their lil tummies.

Take it with a grain of salt, but I read chamomile is okay as long is it's unsweetened. Yay!! Nice, belly soothing, mind soothing, delicious herbal warmth I can share with my future baby, so there's one at least!

I did read NO NO NO star anise tea, which some people use for colic. It can be contaminated with a different sort of star anise that is poisonous. After getting quite sick after some star anise (who knows if it was related???) I am tempted enough to believe it that I'll avoid that one.

I also read that herbal teas can be detrimental to iron absorption in babies... so. Seem to be mixed signals on the good ol' interwebs that will warrant further research before giving a baby any tea except chamomile for me. (Chamomile is said to be safe on this front too, I think)

Are you a tea lover like me? What kinds are your favorite?!

Did you give your baby any teas? When? What kind?

If you didn't, do you know which ones are safe?

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