Reuse that baby wipes container!

Forget tossing baby wipe containers... there are so, so many neat lil uses! A quick Pinterest search showed up with all sorts of ideas.

Crayon Box
Use in pantry... straws, plastic silverware, etc.
Plastic bag dispenser
Fabric pull toddler activity
Store games—specifically carrds- with the packaging front glued or taped outseide for quick pickup
Traveling earring storage (with a little bit of mesh)
Battery container
Emergency car box with sanitizer, etc.
Pen/marker/challk/ etc storage
Bath toy storage
Ribbon storage
Run your yarn through dispenser opening when crocheting and knittng
Lego box... bottom lego “board” attached at top... building blocks stored inside
Toddler toy storage
Charger storage... could probably run the cords out the top too for tangle free charging.
Cloth diaper holder
Piggy bank
Toddler game... juice lids with pictures, drop in box
For the ones that are the flexible plastic with a pop open lid... giant gold fish box dispenser. Love this one... so creative!

I just adore when people can take trash and turn it into something usable again, especially considering how much waste the average person puts out. I'm all for recycling, but upcycling is even better, in my opinion! Albeit... I do end up hoarding things sometimes because I know I can think of SOMETHING to do with them. Ooops.

A lot of the ladies on pinterest were decorating them beautifully too... would've never thought they use to be baby wipe dispensers! Ribbon, paint, anything you can think of.

How did you use your old baby wipe containers? Can you think of some more creative ideas to reuse them?

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