Before teeth even come in

I started brushing her gums around 3 months old with the gummy fingertip brush. Not sure how trulnecessary it is, but I figured never too early to start a good habit, right? :)

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    I started at about 6 months with my kids with the finger brush. Before that I just used a clean washcloth to wipe their gums down to get rid of build up. But I agree that its a good habit and it also gets them used to a tooth brush so its less fuss down the line trying to get them into that routine. I am not sure if there is any direct correlation but my oldest two always loved getting their gums brushed and now they love brushing their teeth. And my son seems to like getting his gums brushed also. Plus I feel like it is relaxing for them when they are teething but nothing is pushing through yet. Its like a little massage for their gums.
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