Mom's pregnancy diet can affect baby's genes?

That's a new one! A study recently found that This research is showing that a Mom's nutrition can leave permanent marks on her child's genome on all the cells of the body. How interesting and unexpected is that? Take a ;pook and let us now what you think:

    I don't know about how much what you eat can effect a childs DNA during pregnancy, BUT there was a study done that showed our lifelong eating habits can impact OUR DNA, which is passed on to our kids.

    They tested things like alcohol, smoking, and caffiene. They found that they could see, based on the fluid around their DNA, whether or not someone had consumed mass amounts of those substances in their lifetime. It actually left traces on their genes, which means there could be traces in the DNA of their sperms or eggs, which eventually could become a baby.

    They thought it could explain why alcoholism seems to be 'passed down' to future generations. Even kids who were adopted and not raised by their alcoholic parent(s) showed a higher risk of chemical dependency later in life.
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