So I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. No, I haven't disappeared lol. It's just been super crazy the last few weeks but this week/weekend I finally caught a break! I hardly even remember Saturday lol! But I spent Saturday just pretty much at home, outside with Clara. I normally work Saturdays but since the owners of the store were at a convention, they wanted me to work friday so I did and got Saturday off. It was weird lol! But of course, I had a girl's night out Saturday and it was fun. We watched Maleficent. My friend didn't like it as much because it kind of follows in the same footsteps as Frozen, no prince charming. But that's the reason I enjoyed it. It's not anything like the Sleeping Beauty you remember! But I really liked it :-D

Anyway, Sunday was a LOOOOOOONG day! In a good way though. My father and I have been doing a lot of dabbling into his family history and found out his brother (his last living brother, too) had all the family pictures and documents. So we had to travel about an hour and a half over to his house to pick them up then half an hour over to my sister's for Sunday dinner! It was delicious and it felt good to finally get Clara over to my sister's house instead of my sister always coming to our house. She had set up a swimming pool for Clara and she loved it! Clara is a water baby, for sure lol. She swam so much she worked up such an appetite she just kept eating and eating afterward.

So needless to say, this morning was rough lol. I didn't want to get up! I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep. I even had to wake Clara up at 9! Poor thing was so tired but she had to go to her dad's today so I needed to get her ready. I know my whole family is pretty exhausted today so I think we are all going to take it easy and relax lol.

So, that's been my weekend lol! How was everyone else's?

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