I remember a time when I wanted to live at the beach...I still would like to, if it had, oh, I dunno...reasonable summer temperatures.

Today, Nina and I have been alllll over the place!
We went grocery shopping, to the bank (two of which were closed, another which was blocked by road work, and another that was somewhere on the naval base and took forever to find), on a long bike ride, and we played on the playground for a bit. Now, she's down for a nap, I've done 40 jumping jacks (I frigging HATE jumping jacks), 20 push ups, 10 sit ups, done the dishes, put away the groceries, vacuumed, talked to my husband on the phone, talked to my MIL on the phone, cleaned the entire bathroom, straightened up my room and Nina's room, taken out the trash, gotten the mail, and have started the laundry. Is it time to shower yet lol?

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