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Right now, Avery is just starting to throw tantrums and get into trouble. She's too little to get timeouts. She won't sit so I usually just grab her and take her away from whatever she was doing wrong. I'll firmly, but calmly explain what was wrong. She's usually not listening because she's too busy screaming, but I figure it can't hurt. I hold her in my lap until she calms down and then I let her go back to playing. If she goes right back to the bad activity (i.e. playing pulling all the DVDs off the shelf) I grab her again and make her sit in my lap. Eventually she figures out that if she doesn't play with the DVDs mommy will let her be.

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    we started time outs when he was 1. I would begin first by saying the firm "No No" if that didn't stop (which in most cases he would) then I would count...1--2--3-- then take his hand to walk away with another firm "No No" and go sit with him for one-two minutes in time out. If he cried or had a fit I would sit with him until he was calm and explain after why he we needed to sit and have a talk. Although he didn't always understand in the beginning by the time of 18 months I found that when I'd tell him "No" and he persisted if I either began counting or asked if we needed to go have a talk he'd usually stop and listen. It's not always easy but I'm happy he grasped the idea and understands more now. These days if he doesn't want to stop and doesn't throw his tantrum he'll instead walk up to me saying"HI" and puckers his little lips to kiss me....... Little stinker as if I can't see what he's trying to do lol......Aye Yay Yay!
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