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So I am trying to explain to my daughter about private parts being private. She is 3 and has absolutely no discretion when it comes to this. After she uses the potty she will run out of the bathroom bottomless whether it is just us at home or if there are guests in the house. Doesn't really matter where we are. We just try to catch her before anyone sees. She keeps walking around going "look at my booty." I keep trying to tell her that her hiney is not for everyone to see just for her and that its not nice. Then I was putting sun screen on her earlier and while I was putting it on her back she is going "Mom do my butt. Put it on my butt." Right after the discussion we had about people not looking at her hiney because it is private. Ugh. I know she's only 3 and doesn't understand but its kind of scary.

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    I think it was someone on here who told a story about their son who constantly wanted to talk about private parts. They told him he could only talk about that stuff in the bathroom. The next time he did they took him straight to the bathroom and closed the door. He giggled and said everything he could think of but his parents didn't respond. Eventually he got bored and asked to leave. They told him he could only leave if he left his bathroom language in the bathroom. He agreed and they didn't really have any more problems.

    Maybe you could do the same with your daughter. Any time she talks about private parts or shows them off then it's straight to the bathroom. Say that if she pulls her pants down in must be because she has to potty so she has to stay there until she does or she agrees to keep them on. Stay calm though. She's probably doing it for your reaction as much as anything.
    Hopefully something like this will work for her. I do think some of it is for attention. She tends to do a lot of things for attention. Since I have 3 that are 3 and under I guess she feels the need to compete for my attention. It just worries me because there are some creepy people out there and I don't want her to get hurt. You never know. Not that she's ever left alone with anyone we would ever think would be inappropriate. But still.
      I wouldn't know about this since Charlie is so young. But I do know that kids respond to what we respond to. If it's a big deal and she's getting a reaction, she'll keep doing it. It's not the same thing but a friend of mine's daughter kept getting into his dvd's. It was driving him crazy that every time he'd come into the living room there were dvd's all over the floor. So finally he just stopped reacting to it. Very soon afterward she just stopped. Just like that. I hope you can find something that works!
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