Cellulitis after a shot

A week after Avery got her 12mo shots my husband was getting her ready for bed and noticed a red welt on her thigh. It was about the size of a dime and looked like a bug bite. It was right where one of the shots had been given. I knew redness around an injection site was common, though it was a bit strange to see it so much later. I figured it wasn't a big deal. The next day it was a little bigger but didn't seem to bother her, so again I ignored it. On Friday it swelled up to about 2" in diameter and was purply red in the middle. It was hot to the touch and felt hard underneath the skin.

It still wasn't bothering her but I called the nurse just in case. She told me to go in that afternoon and the doctor said it looked like she had skin infection called cellulitis. It happens when bacteria gets deep into the skin along with the needle. It can happen after a bad bug bite too.

She put Avery on antibiotics. Then she drew a circle around the welt with sharpie and told us that if the redness grew outside the circle or if we saw any red streaking down her leg in the next 24hrs we'd have to take her do the ER. scary!

Luckily the anitbiotics worked great and other then giving her an bit of an upset tummy (and some really gross diapers) the welt is almost gone. She has to stay on the antibiotics for at least a week, but I think we're out of the woods.

I though I'd share so other mom's know what to look for. It's very treatable if you catch it fast, but if you don't go in your child could get sepsis (a blood infection) and have to be hospitalized!

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